please don鈥檛 feel bad because you feel like you cry too much or that your grades suck or that you eat too much. Sailor Moon had all those flaws but she was a hero and so are you.

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bad people shouldnt be allowed to have clear skin or good hair or nice jaw lines or green eyes

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"You say I look high
After I lay back, tired and out of breath
From fucking you senseless.
But you don鈥檛 know how close to the truth you are.
Because the passion we create
Is a better high than any substance I鈥檝e ever swallowed, snorted or smoked.
I feel more euphoric with you,
Than with pills.
More at home with you,
Than with alcohol.
And more at peace with the world,
Than with Mary Jane.
I never knew what addiction felt like
Until I tasted your lips.
I鈥檝e never felt a high
Quite like you." 鈥 After thoughts. (via mynameispride)

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yeah i understand you鈥檙e charging me for bank robbery, but i licked the money so therefore it is mine

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me in the grocery store when my mom escapes





My thighs are huge cuz they鈥檙e full of secrets

Wrap them around my ears and let me hear them all

You smooth motherfucker

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Reblog if your cramps have ever

  • made you vomit
  • lasted between 2-3 days
  • stopped you from being able to walk or run
  • made you cry

It鈥檚 not considered a viable excuse on any occasion, and…

  1. Go to a party and stay sober. Listen to the way your drunk classmates talk when they don鈥檛 plan to remember tonight when they wake up. Never talk about these experiences, just keep them for yourself.
  2. Start driving in one direction on the highway after school one day, pretending like you鈥檙e running away. Blast bad pop music and sing along. Stop in the suburbs when your mom calls you to come home, but buy your little brother a cupcake before you turn back around.
  3. Kiss your best friend. It doesn鈥檛 matter what sexuality or gender you are or they are. It doesn鈥檛 matter if it鈥檚 a peck or you escalate to tongue. You鈥檒l laugh about it later, but it will always make you smile just for the memory.
  4. Smoke a cigarette. Let it burn your throat. Cough, loudly.
  5. Take a stand for something you believe in. When half your school laughs at you, take it with pride. Someone agrees, even if they鈥檙e too scared to say so.
  6. Make enemies. Make the kind of mistakes that cause your life to implode. Lose everyone and everything to these mistakes. Only when you fall will you find out that you can pick yourself back up.
  7. Sit on someone鈥檚 roof and talk for hours. Forget about dinner and tell your origin stories. Let your guard down while the dog barks below. Talk about god. Listen.
  8. Steal Bourbon from your parents鈥 liquor cabinet and put it in a water bottle beneath your bathroom sink. Spike your tea with it when you think you鈥檝e hit rock bottom. Pour the whole thing down the drain when it鈥檚 too strong for you.
  9. Become a stereotype. Buy a record player and combat boots. Wear all black. Dye your hair bright blue and get your ear pierced three times. Don鈥檛 care when people laugh at you.
  10. Make wishes at 11:11. Wear your pajamas backwards in the hopes of a snow day. Look for answers at the bottom of a bottle. Pretend writing things on your arms makes you special. Believe in anything. Believe in everything. Open every book and look around every corner. You鈥檒l never look like this or move like this or think like this again. Enjoy it while it lasts or hate every second. But feel. Feel every damn thing.
" 鈥 Top Ten Things to do Before You Graduate High School by M.S. (via bl-ossomed)

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i have such a busy schedule. i may have to cut out 鈥渟tudying鈥 to make room for 鈥渃rying over tv shows鈥 and 鈥4 hour nap鈥

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everything personal


Pros and cons of boys:

  • Con: They鈥檙e dicks
  • Pro: Their dicks

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"You know, they say that there is a part
of the human chest that if you strike it hard enough
the person鈥檚 heart explodes. This sounds like such a lie
that I have to believe it鈥檚 the truth. If I were science,
I鈥檇 never tell anyone where this place is. If I were science,
I鈥檇 have named this place after you." 鈥 Cristin O鈥橩eefe Aptowicz, excerpt from 鈥淣ot As Smart As I Think I Am鈥 (via feellng)

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I’m really proud of this.